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Visit our CA and WA inspiration spaces. Go
Visit our CA and WA inspiration spaces. Go

How Much Does BOXI Cost?

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Your final BOXI price will be based on number/type of cabinets and drawers, shelves, panel material, trim, etc. The size (and linear feet) of your space is a factor in the above, but does not determine the cost of your BOXI materials on its own.

Small Kitchens

Richly Regal


11 cabinets, 18 linear ft

Peppercorn Edge

Oceanfront Monochrome


7 cabinets, 14 linear ft

Salt Shaker

Outdoors-In Cozy


9 cabinets, 14 linear ft

Oat Slab

Medium Kitchens

Sleek & Soothing


13 cabinets, 22 linear ft

Salt Slab

Matchy Mystique


10 cabinets, 14 linear ft

Peppercorn Edge

Peaceful Warmth


11 cabinets, 21 linear ft

Oat Slab

Large Kitchens

Playful in Tri-Tone


21 cabinets, 50 linear ft

Mushroom Shaker & Salt Shaker

Masterfully Moody


11 cabinets, 21 linear ft

Peppercorn Edge

Elevated Traditional


17 cabinets, 33 linear ft

Salt Shaker

Kitchen + Closet + Office

Space-Optimized Sleek


18 cabinets, 35 linear ft

Salt Slab & Salt Shaker


Brilliant Bathrooms

under $3,990

4 cabinets

Mixed Materials

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