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Visit our CA and WA inspiration spaces. Go
Visit our CA and WA inspiration spaces. Go


We’re BOXI. Our story began in 2011, with Semihandmade.

The goal then was simple: use Ikea cabinets as a base to offer handmade craftsmanship at a competitive price. Ten years and 20,000 projects later -- with the validation of design industry notables and nearly $20MM in annual revenue -- we saw an even bigger opportunity: to launch a modern cabinet system for every room in the home that is American-built, high-quality, well-priced, and ships quickly. Did we mention they come pre-assembled, too?

After all, it’s a different world than when we started a decade ago. Everyday, we get household items delivered straight to our doors. What makes cabinets any different? Enter BOXI by Semihandmade. Home space, and homelife, finally made simple.

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