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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOXI by Semihandmade (BBS)?

BOXI is the first and only American-built, direct-to-consumer cabinet system for the entire home.

How is BBS different from Semihandmade?

Semihandmade fronts are made to fit ready-to-assemble cabinets purchased from Ikea. BOXI is a one-stop shopping experience – cabinets arrive fully assembled, with door and drawer fronts attached.

Will Semihandmade doors fit on BBS cabinets?

Unfortunately, no (see #2).

Are BBS cabinets only intended for kitchens?

No! BOXI cabinets are also available in select sizes for both small and large bathrooms.

Can I use BBS cabinets anywhere else in the house?

You can! BOXI cabinets are equally at home as closets, entertainment centers, mudrooms, offices, and laundry rooms.

Where are BBS cabinets made?

BOXI cabinets are built in the Pacific Northwest with parts supplied by some of the best manufacturers in the US and abroad.

How do I order BBS samples?

Click here to order BOXI samples.

Where can I see examples of BBS kitchens?

Starting in April 2021, you’ll be able to see BOXI kitchens in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

Are BBS cabinet doors paintable?

Unlike Semihandmade, BOXI does not currently offer a paintable door option. We hope to offer one in the future.

Do you offer custom BBS cabinets or door sizes?

Because of BOXI’s highly-curated/quick-ship availability, custom sizes are not available.

Does BBS offer custom appliance panels?

BOXI appliance panels are currently only available for standard-size dishwashers.

How much do BBS cabinets cost?

BOXI cabinets are an affordable alternative to higher-priced semi-custom and custom cabinets. Click here for pricing examples.

Does BBS charge sales tax?

Yes, tax is charged for every BOXI cabinet order based on geographic location.

Where do BBS cabinets ship?

BOXI cabinets ship to all forty-eight continental US states.

How long does BBS shipping take?

BOXI cabinets ship from our factory in about a week. Estimated delivery time to your home is an additional 1 to 2 weeks.

How much does BBS shipping cost?

$0 - $499 $99
$500 - $999 $199
$1000 - $4,999 $299
$5,000 - $9,999 $399
$10,000 and above $499

How do I order BBS cabinets?

To order BOXI cabinets, click here.

Do you offer BBS design help?

For help designing your BOXI project, click here.

Do you offer BBS installation help?

For help installing your BOXI project, please email us at

Can I make changes to my BBS order?

Our top priority at BOXI is fulfilling your order as fast and efficiently as possible. Once your BOXI order is placed, we allow customers 48 hours to change any items. After that time, your order is final and no additional changes are possible.

Can I return any parts of my BBS order?

Because every BOXI order is specific to your space, we do not accept returns.

Can I cancel my BBS order?

We allow customers 48 hours to change or cancel their BOXI order. After 48 hours, all sales are final.

How can I check on the status of my BBS order?

To check on the status of your BOXI order, please email us at or 866-867-8180.

What if my BBS order arrives damaged?

We take great care in packing your BOXI cabinets, and stand behind our shipping partners. We ask that customers check their delivery upon arrival, and notify us of any problems within 3 business days. Documenting damage is vital, so please make note of the damage when signing for your shipment, take photos, and save all packing material. Please note: Any physical damage to the outside of packaging MUST be photographed and reported to All damage claims are void if not reported to BOXI within 3 business days of delivery.