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Visit our CA and WA inspiration spaces. Go
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Frequently Asked Questions

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BOXI is the first and only American-built, direct-to-consumer cabinet system for the entire home.

Semihandmade doors are made to fit the cabinets you already own or cabinets purchased from Ikea. BOXI is a one-stop shopping experience – cabinets arrive fully assembled, with door and drawer fronts attached.

Yes. By choosing BOXI+ for Southern California, you can get ten of our best-selling Semihandmade doors on BOXI cabinets, fully assembled (including six options from our exclusive Sarah Sherman Samuel collection).

No! BOXI cabinets are also available in select sizes for both small and large bathrooms.

You can! BOXI cabinets are equally at home as closets, entertainment centers, mudrooms, offices, and laundry rooms.

BOXI cabinets are built in the Pacific Northwest with parts supplied by some of the best manufacturers in the US and abroad.

For information on BOXI component materials and construction, click here.

To view a complete list of BOXI cabinet options, click here.

You can view BOXI cabinets in person in SoCal and Seattle. Pay us a visit.

Because of BOXI’s highly-curated/quick-ship availability, custom sizes are not available.

Custom appliance panels are available when you choose BOXI+ for Southern California. For our classic BOXI line, appliance panels are currently only available for standard-sized dishwashers.

For help designing your BOXI project, click here.

Click here to order BOXI samples.

We offer paintable, unfinished cabinets in Shaker and Slab profiles with BOXI+ for Southern California.

Rye, Oat, Tahoe, and Sonoma cabinets are non-sequenced (each will have varying shades and grain patterns). Rye and Oat cabinet front patterns run horizontally while panel patterns run vertically. Tahoe and Sonoma patterns run vertically.

Do I need to sand DIY doors before painting them?
No, our DIY doors come pre-sanded.

Do I need to use a primer?
Yes, we recommend priming your doors before painting them. Allow for at least one hour for the primer to dry prior to painting.

Do I need to use 2 coats of paint?
Yes, we recommend using 2 coats of paint to ensure proper coverage and durability.

Do I need a top coat or sealer?
No, you do not need anything as a top layer.

How much does a gallon of paint cover?
For 2 coat coverage, 1 gallon covers approximately 400 square feet and a 1/2 gallon covers approximately 200 square feet.

How much paint do I need?
Please refer to our guide for determining how much paint you'll need for your project.

How should I paint the doors?
We recommend using a paint sprayer for a seamless finish. If you can't use a sprayer, you can use a small roller. Always avoid using too thick of a coat. Less is more.

How long should I wait in between coats?
Wait one hour after priming the doors before painting. Your first coat of paint should be dry to the touch in 3 hours, but won’t be dry enough for a second coat for at least 7 hours.

How long should I wait before installing the doors?
You should treat the freshly painted doors with care for 7-10 days after painting. Painted surfaces are vulnerable to scratching/scuffing until fully cured. Backdrop cabinet/door paint requires at least one week to fully cure.

How is cabinet/door paint different than regular paint?
This premium acrylic paint is optimized for your cabinets with a semi-gloss finish, extra durability, and high-quality pigments that apply rich color smoothly and evenly.

Is Backdrop paint environmentally friendly?
Yes, Backdrop is proud to be Greenwise and Climate Neutral Certified.

What is Backdrop paint made of?
Backdrop is ultra-low odor and low-VOC (Green Wise certified), meeting the most stringent standards set by California’s South Coast Air Management Office. All paints are basically made up of solvents, resins, and pigments. Solvents serve as the liquid vehicle, resins serve to create a tight bond with the painting surface, and pigments create the paint color. Backdrop paints are all water-based (latex), made with high-quality acrylic resins and the best pigments.

Yes, tax is charged for every BOXI cabinet order based on geographic location.

Due to supply-chain and production delays, we are limiting BOXI availability to limited markets. We hope to expand nationally once all issues are resolved.

BOXI cabinets arrive at your doorstep in about 4-10 weeks (depending on your location), fully assembled and ready to install! Introducing BOXI Quick Ship: Some of our best-selling cabinets are now delivered in just 4-6 weeks from Santa Barbara to San Diego, including desert areas.

To order BOXI cabinets, click here.

Our top priority at BOXI is fulfilling your order as fast and efficiently as possible. Once your BOXI order is placed, we allow customers 48 hours to change any items. After that time, your order is final and no additional changes are possible.

Because every BOXI order is specific to your space, we do not accept returns.

We allow customers 48 hours to change or cancel their BOXI order. After 48 hours, all sales are final.

To check on the status of your BOXI order, please email us at or 866-867-8180.

We take great care in packing your BOXI cabinets, and stand behind our shipping partners. We ask that customers check their delivery upon arrival, and notify us of any problems within 3 business days. Documenting damage is vital, so please make note of the damage when signing for your shipment, take photos, and save all packing material.

Please note: Any physical damage to the outside of packaging MUST be photographed and reported to All damage claims are void if not reported to BOXI within 3 business days of delivery.

We offer a limited 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and conditions. This warranty begins upon the date of delivery and runs for 25 years for the original homeowner.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

BOXI doesn't install your cabinets or accessories. Please see our cabinet installation guide, suspension rail install guide, and our floating shelf installation guide for your (or your contractor's) use.

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