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Cabinet & Door Interior Paint by Backdrop - Surf Camp


This premium acrylic paint is optimized for your cabinets with a semi-gloss finish, extra durability, and high-quality pigments that apply rich color smoothly and evenly.

  • Low-odor
  • Low-VOC
  • Washable
  • Dry time: 3 hours to touch, 7 hours to recoat

Finish: Semi-Gloss, 30% Sheen
Color: Surf Camp

Best practices for applying cabinet paint:

  • Use an airless sprayer if possible, but whether spraying, brushing, or rolling, always avoid using too thick of a coat. Less is more.
  • Apply one coat of Backdrop's interior primer prior to painting.
  • Allow for at least one hour for the primer to dry prior to painting.
  • After primer is applied, apply Backdrop cabinet/door paint. Keep in mind that Backdrop cabinet/door paint has longer open times than many paint products. Paint should be dry to the touch in 3 hours, but won’t be dry enough for a second coat for at least 7 hours. Keep in mind that a second coat isn’t always necessary.
  • Treat all painted surfaces with care for 7-10 days after painting. Painted surfaces are vulnerable to scratching/scuffing until fully cured. Backdrop cabinet/door paint requires at least one week to fully cure.

Created by partners Natalie and Caleb Ebel, Backdrop believes paint is the most impactful way to transform a space. The first Climate Neutral Certified paint brand, their premium paints are Green Wise certified, low-VOC, and low odor. Their eco-friendly packaging is compostable Green Cell Foam and their award winning, redesigned metal paint can is recyclable stainless steel.

How much paint do I need?

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