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3 Ways to Start Your Project

Option 1

Have your design?

Lots of customers come to us with finished plans. If that includes you, we’ll happily process your BOXI order—without a design fee. Typical plans we work with include IKEA, Revit, and Sketch-up. A BOXI specialist will be in touch upon receipt of everything to make sure all your questions are answered and your experience is seamless.

  • Free review of your plans
  • Pricing and product information
  • Your BOXI order placed!
Option 2

DIYer at heart?

Let BOXI help you start the remodeling process by connecting you with trusted design partner, Inspired Kitchen Design. For just $199, IKD’s design team will work with photos and measurements you provide of your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever to create a plan for your new, amazing space. They’ll also create your BOXI order and your $199 will be credited towards your order.

  • High-quality 3D renderings
  • Elevation and floor plans with dimensions
  • Panel dimensions, locations and cabinets numbered for easy reference
  • A purchase list for your BOXI order

Learn more about our design partner, IKD

An independent group of kitchen design specialists, IKD has been bringing customers’ design ideas to life since 2006.

Customized Plans

Customized plans and renderings —and saving you from the hassle of big box store trips and lines.

Inspiration & Advice

IKD also provides inspiration and technical advice, as well as answers to both common and uncommon queries.

Quick & Simple

They make design planning a quick and simple process for BOXI customers!

Option 3

Tech more your thing?

Let BOXI help you start the remodeling process by connecting you with our trusted design partner, Skipp. For $399, Skipp will send a 3D imaging surveyor to visit your home, and in 30 minutes, they'll have all the information they need to get started with your layout options. Combining AI technology, machine-learning, and good old fashioned architect oversight, your Skipp specialist will offer three design options for your project that include not only your current footprint, but options based on moving windows, relocating electrical, and so on. Skipp will also create your BOXI order.

  • 3D scan of your entire home
  • 3D walk-through of your home
  • Three AI-generated layouts reviewed by an architect
  • Breakdown of costs at various budgets
  • Video consultations with a kitchen specialist
  • Detailed layouts and elevations of your BOXI project

Learn more about our design partner, Skipp

Architect-Quality Design

Skipp provides access to customized, architect-quality design plans at an affordable price.

Tech-Enabled Solutions

Skipp empowers homeowners to take control of their remodel with AI tech-enabled solutions.

Easy & Friction-less

Skipp takes the stress out of the renovation process for BOXI customers.